Let’s Go Parking!

The people making money during Motorcycle Week aren’t just the vendors and local restaurants. Tow companies are making a lot of money for commonly overlooked parking mistakes.

There are a lot of places to park your car or bike during the Rally. There are also lots of places where NOT to park your bike or car: tow zones (this should be obvious), No Parking Zones, blocking travel lanes, on private property without permission, and the number one no-no is a handicap accessible spot without the right plate or placard (restricted parking) these laws are strictly enforced.

DO NOT PAY over $5 to park your motorcycle!


As always, Lakeside Avenue has FREE parking for your motorcycle all week. Be sure to follow the traffic patterns and park in designated areas. The Weirs Action Committee, a non-profit organization that has excellent parking right at the beach lot for only $5/motorcycle. There are others that offer motorcycle parking for only $5.. The Weirs Beach Drive-In, the huge parking lot at the end of Foster Ave., and the Weirs Beach Community Park Association behind the Fire Station. Others move their rates up and down, day to day – where ever you chose to park, DO NOT PAY over $5 to park your motorcycle!