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Rally Sponsors, Partners, and Patrons at LACONIA MOTORCYCLE WEEK® 2021

Thanks to all who make Laconia Motorcycle Week® Possible.

Laconia Passport Program


Each year of the Passport Program has been Proudly Presented by

The Passport Program will take a break for 2021, but when we relaunch it ahead of the 100th Anniversary in 2023 – it will be bigger and better than ever!  Each year, our goal is to entice riders to visit businesses that are off the beaten path or in locations they may not have thought to ride to in previous years.

Our future program will include more options for completion and possibly even themed rides (museum tours, great-eateries, lake tours, mountain tours, etc.).  We have lot of ideas and we would love to hear from you too!  Email us with your ideas at info@laconiamcweek.com and maybe you’ll see your tour in the New and Improved, Laconia Passport Program!

Banking, Convenience, &/or Gas Stations

Airport Country Store & Deli
Alton Circle Grocery
Bank of NH
Case ‘n Keg
Weirs Beach Convenience & Gifts
Citizen’s Bank
Cumberland Farms Division 46
Franklin Savings Bank
Gilford Mobil Mart
Laconia Spa
Meredith Village Savings Bank
Newfound Grocery & Restaurant Catering
Smoke ‘N Barley

Motorcycle Dealers, Shops, Businesses