Events Schedule

Laconia Bike Week Schedule Of Events

We have a packed schedule of events for Laconia Bike Week!

Please see below for a full list of events for each day. From gypsy rides, to live music events, and more, the week is sure to be entertaining. Rally Headquarters opens daily at 8am and is located on the Boardwalk of Lakeside Avenue, right in Weirs Beach. We look forward to seeing you there!

Future Rally Dates:
95th Anniversary: June 9th-17th, 2018
96th Anniversary: June 8th-16th, 2019
97th Anniversary: June 13th-21st, 2020
98th Anniversary: June 12th-20th, 2021
99th Anniversary: June 11th-19th, 2022
100th Anniversary: June 10th-18th, 2023

Saturday, June 10

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Sunday, June 11

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Monday, June 12

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Tuesday, June 13

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Wednesday, June 14

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Thursday, June 15

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Friday, June 16

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Saturday, June 17

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Sunday, June 18

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